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Welcome to BidPal 11.0! 

To learn about the new release, please click on links below:

      Top 11 Features in 11.0

      The Nitty-Gritty Details
           Auction Control
           Giving Center
           Item Pickup Assistant
           Message Center
           Mobile Bidding
           myBidPal Planner
           Payment Processing

      Notable Bug Fixes




Please contact your BidPal sales representative or account manager if you are interested in running a mobile bidding event without onsite BidPal staff or equipment. You'll receive access to event day features and tools that make managing your own event a breeze.


Cellular, Hybrid, and DIY event organizers can now publish their mobile auction up to 48 hours before event day. This allows you to see how everything will work on event day, including your Go page tools. Go to Setup > Mobile Auction to preview and publish. Please note that you should only publish your mobile auction once you are done selling tickets in the Giving Center.

Additionally, Cellular, Hybrid, and DIY event organizers no longer have downtime at 12am midnight the morning of their event! One click instantly makes the mobile auction available to your supporters.


Our easy-to-launch Planner help menu makes getting to know the Planner fast and fun. Type in a question or keyword and see all available help content. New step-by-step guided tours walk you through the software.


Welcome to the improved help center featuring: new articles, checklists to help you get started, FAQs, videos, and more! Join the Community Forum to ask other customers and BidPal staff for tips and tricks as you plan your fundraising campaigns.


You've been able to send custom text messages with one-click login links before. Now you can pre-enter and even schedule all of your messages to be sent automatically on event day. Check out what all the buzz is about under Setup > Messages > Texts.


You're now in complete control of your auction end times! Go to Setup > Auction Control to set the overall end times for your silent auction, live auction, donations, and fixed price purchases. 


No need to run a report; quickly review a package's bid history and current status directly from a new tab on the Package Edit screen. Rescind bids or donations, assign a winner, or enter a donation from here, too.


Take advantage of Patron Pay: Maximize your revenue by passing on Giving Center ticketing fees to your ticket purchasers. This option is automatically enabled for new events but can be turned off by going to Setup > Preferences > Billing.


Want to pick which credit card type(s) to accept? With flexible credit card options, choose whether guests can use American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa across all BidPal platforms. Go to Setup > Preferences > Event to configure.


SmartPay Registration & Checkout Terminals now run on Windows 8.1 laptops. Also, DIY events can choose between printing full-page receipts on laser printers (including network printers!) or standard thermal receipts on the thermal printers BidPal has always supported.


Supporter management keeps getting better and better. We now auto-mark supporters as attendees when you seat them at a table, sell them a ticket, or check them in. Potential item donors are easier to track with a new Item Donor checkbox. 




  • You now have access to Setup > Auction Control to set your overall auction type (silent, live, donation, fixed price) end times.
  • NOTE: Please contact BidPal Support if you want to stagger your overall start times.
  • Once the Silent Auction end time has passed, Setup > Auction Control displays a Re-Open Silent Auction button that enables you to re-open bidding. Please note that this does not affect packages with override times or those sold via Buy Now.



  • Users can now be logged into multiple Giving Center sites in the same browser. This means, you can freely link to multiple Giving Centers to promote your fundraisers. #HighlyRequested
  • Silent packages won in the Giving Center will no longer have credit cards automatically processed. This gives you a chance to review before batch processing these pending payments in myBidPal Planner. NOTE: "Won and done" purchases, such as ticket sales, donations, fixed price purchases, and packages purchased via buy now, will still be charged immediately.
  • Silent packages that are sold in the Giving Center are now more clearly marked as sold.
  • Silent packages now list Time Left and End Time fields in Giving Center. Tip! You can edit the individual package's End Time on Package Edit or the overall Silent Auction End Time on Setup > Auction Control.
  • If a Fixed Price package has the option for guests to choose to enter a different amount than the specified custom buttons, guests can now click the "Other" button in Giving Center.



  • Using Smartphones: Volunteers can now log in using the Event PIN only! #FasterLogin
  • Using BidPal Devices: Volunteers can now log in by searching for their name or bidder # along with the Event PIN. Volunteers can also self-register.



  • If you choose to use the Search bar on mobile bidding devices, the "Search Item" button automatically appears on Kiosks. #SmartLogic 



  • Setup > Messages has tabs for Tickers (existing) and Texts (new!)
  • Can pre-enter several custom One-Click Login text messages
  • Default messages:
      1. Welcome to <event name>! Please click the link to start bidding.
      2. The donation appeal is starting shortly!
      3. The auction is now closed. Please click the link to see if you've won!
  • The customizable Registration Text Message is used when sending OCLs from SmartPay or self-registration on a mobile device or kiosk. It is also used when emailing OCLs.
  • Can send messages now or schedule them to be sent automatically at a future time #HighlyRequested
  • The following supporter filters are available when selecting the recipients of your OCLs:
    1. All my attendees
    2. My attendees for which ALL OF the following are true (multiple selection allowed):
      • Are assigned a ticket
      • Are seated at a table
      • Are checked in*
      • Have RSVP = "Yes"
      • Have an outstanding balance*
      • Have purchases or payments*
    3. Select from Supporter List

* The asterisks above indicate NEW filters with 11.0

  1. The registration message can be edited but not deleted. Events must have a registration OCL message.
  2. The mobile auction must be published at the scheduled time for messages to actually be sent.
  3. If recipient filters are chosen, the system will determine the appropriate recipients based on those filters at the time the message is sent.



  • Cellular, Hybrid, and DIY event organizers can now publish their mobile auction up to 48 hours before event day. Also, there is no longer any downtime at 12am on your event day! NOTE: Publishing the mobile auction means the Giving Center will no longer be open for ticket sales.
  • New Setup > Mobile Auction page is where you can preview and publish your mobile auction. Other mobile auction-related fields from the previous Setup > Preferences > Mobile Bidding tab and Setup > User Interface are moved here.
  • Live Auction Start and Location fields have moved to Setup > Mobile Auction > User Interface tab and now display better on mobile bidding devices.
  • For Cellular, Hybrid, and DIY events, the Go page is now always accessible pre-, during, and post-event from Setup > Mobile Auction > General Settings tab
  • Event Admin Tool stats must be manually refreshed by clicking the Refresh button. The "As of" timestamp will let you exactly when the stats were last updated.
  • Checkboxes have been added to a new My Bill section under Setup > Mobile Auction > General Settings tab to determine if whether the Donation, Fixed Price, and/or Preview Live buttons display on My Bill screen. NOTE: Each button displays on My Bill as long as the corresponding checkbox is checked, regardless of whether any packages of the given auction mode are available. If there are no open packages, a "No items were found" error message is displayed.



  • Event's BPE Code has been added to the top left corner of the myBidPal Planner header.
  • The Event Checklist on the Planner homepage has been updated with new relevant tasks and helpful links to keep your event on track.
  • The Run of Show section under Setup > Preferences > Event tab has been streamlined. All fields remain free text entry, and there's a new "Additional Details" field.
  • Homepage stats are now refreshed upon login. Afterwards, stats must be manually refreshed. New timestamp shows when stats were last updated.
  • New Bid History tab on Package Edit details bid history and package status and offers the ability to rescind or assign winner, donation, or purchase. New Status column is now available on Package List - Edit View Options to show whether a given silent/live package is Not Started, Active, Sold, or Expired. #LessReportRunning
  • Tools > Assign Winners renamed to Enter Sales and Donations
    1. Can add a new supporter and assign as the winner of a package immediately
    2. Can see and select any custom button amounts/giving levels/deals on a donation or fixed price package



  • Pass on Giving Center ticketing fees to your ticket purchasers using Patron Pay. This option is automatically enabled for new events but can be turned off by going to Setup > Preferences > Billing.
  • Cellular, Hybrid, and DIY events now feature live payment processing. You can process Pending Transactions throughout the event.
  • Under Setup > Preferences > Event tab, you can select which credit card types (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover) will be accepted across all BidPal platforms.
  • Can now complete partial payment refunds with cents



Report NameChange
Address Labels - Donor Updated logic to display and sort by the donor display name, if populated; otherwise, by supporter name (if person) or company name (if company).
Attendee Reports Fixed an issue where the wrong table # may display for 1 of the supporters sharing a bidder #
Donor Thank You Letters No longer show items with a procurement status of "Declined"
  Updated logic to display and sort by the donor display name, if populated; otherwise, by supporter name (if person) or company name (if company).
Donor Receipt Form No longer show items with a procurement status of "Declined"
  Updated logic to display and sort by the donor display name, if populated; otherwise, by supporter name (if person) or company name (if company).
Email Receipts Removed mention of returning BidPal handheld devices 
Event Health Check New section for "Packages Set to Now Show on Scoreboard"
  Added Procurement Status column to Unpackaged Items section
  Removed "Declined" items from Unpackaged Items section
Excel Export - Attendees Added ticket package and ticket # fields
Excel Export - Item Donors Added donor display name field
Excel Export - Payment History Status column populated for all payment methods, not just credit cards
  Street address added
  Payments made via credit card entered via Express Checkout now show the source as "Mobile Bidding Device"
Excel Export - Supporters Added ticket package field
Fixed Price Tickets Added package name
Paper Bid Sheets with Last Bid New report
Start Bidding Cards New report that auto-populates your event's friendly URL
*NUMEROUS REPORTS* When a supporter is type = Company, it now displays as "Company Name (Contact Name)".



  • Windows 8.1 is now supported!
  • Retired support for Windows XP and Vista laptops
  • Can choose any printer (including network printers) under Settings and then choose whether to print Thermal or Full-Page receipts
  • Payments entered in SmartPay Checkout mode may now include cents
  • Notes field now scrolls
  • You now see a friendly error message when attempting to enter an email address that is already in use by another supporter




  • Across the Planner, when a supporter is of Type = Company, it now displays the name as "Company Name (Contact Name)" for easier searching and assigning. #HighlyRequested
  • Default columns on the Supporter List were updated to be: Name, Bidder #, Attendee, Item Donor, VIP, Ticket #, Ticket Package, Table #, CC on File, Mobile Phone #.



  • Supporters are now auto-marked as attendees in the following cases:
    • Supporters created via Planner, SmartPay, or self-registration on Kiosk/mobile bidding devices*
    • Blank bidders created in Planner*
    • Supporters who purchase tickets in Giving Center/Planner
    • Supporters who are seated in Planner*
    • Supporters who are checked in via SmartPay/Planner*

*The asterisks above indicate new functionality with 11.0

  • When creating a new supporter and assigning as a donor via Item Edit, the supporter record is not marked as Attendee by default.



  • Designating item donors has been made clearer by including a new "Roles" section on the Supporter Edit > Details tab. #BetterTracking
    • New checkbox to indicate Item Donor
    • Once an item donation is assigned to a supporter, the Item Donor checkbox is automatically checked and disabled.
    • This allows you to enter and track prospective item donors.
  • Donor Display Name is now an optional column on the Supporter List (click Edit View Options to select). 
  • The Assign Donor grid from Item Edit now shows Donor Display Name and Bidder #.



Fixed a zooming issue on certain Android smartphones! #HighlyReported

Fixed an issue where merging supporters in Planner prevented some guests from being able to log into the Giving Center. #HighlyReported

Fixed the Multiple Donations (Contest) scoreboard so that is now displays correctly for four or more packages.

Fixed an issue where the OCL text may not be sent to guests who self-register at events where credit card is required for self-registration.

Fixed an issue using the Cancel/Back button in the Rescind workflow.


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