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Your Giving Center is your primary means for selling tickets, registering guests, accepting donations, and taking bids before your event.  The Giving Center is what you use before your Mobile Auction.  Once you are ready to move into your Mobile Auction mode and begin your event, you will publish your mobile auction.

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Differences Between Giving Center & Mobile Auction



In myBidPal Planner, go to Setup > Mobile Auction > General Settings, check the box next to Publish Mobile Auction and click Save.



Moving to your mobile auction affects your guests' bidding experience and the availability of several features. These changes may impact how you plan to manage your packages and bidding, so please read this list carefully:

"Event in Progress" page: This static page shows information about your event instead of your Giving Center website. View details and a sample page here.

Ticket Sales: Ticket sales are no longer available in the Giving Center.

Online Registrations: Online visitors can no longer register with their email, but you can choose to enable Self Registration under Setup > Mobile Auction.

Tip! Learn how to configure remote bidding!

Credit Card Optional: All existing supporters can log into the mobile auction, whether they have a credit card on file or not.

Tip! You have the option to enable self-registration and require credit card for self-registrations. Learn more here.

All Packages Available: Remote and onsite bidders can see and bid on all packages unless expired.

Outbid Alerts: Guests will receive text outbid alerts instead of by email.

Texting Available: You can send One-Click Login text messages to guests to start bidding on their phones.

Go Page Features: Some features, such as the Kiosk, are unlocked once the Mobile Auction is published. Learn more here.



You should publish the mobile auction when you are done with your Ticket sales and ready to move guests to a mobile experience. Most Organizations do this the morning of their gala, but you may start up to 2 days earlier.

NOTE: By default, if your mobile auction is not published 4 hours before your onsite registration begins, we will automatically publish it for you.

If you are using BidPal's Wi-Fi solution, your mobile auction will automatically be published as soon as your onsite server comes online, and bidding will be limited only to people onsite at your event.



Several key features are different between the Giving Center and the mobile auction.  We have designed this functionality to be logical for you and your guests.

  Giving Center Mobile Auction
Registering Anyone can register, whether they have a ticket or not Only existing supporters can bid/purchase; you may allow or forbid Self Registration of new bidders
Bidding Only packages flagged for "Enable Online Bidding" are available for bidding/purchase while your Auction Catalog is live All non-expired packages are available for bidding/purchase by everyone.  Expired and purchased packages are visible but not available for bidding.
Outbid Alerts Sent by Email Sent by Phone
My Items Only shows individual items bid on by a single supporter (e.g. just husband or just wife) Shows all items bid on by all supporters attached to this Bidder Number (e.g. both husband and wife)
Giving Center All features available Most features disabled, moves to Event in Progress page
Ticket Sales Available at your choosing Disabled online (can still sell via Planner)
Adding Credit Card Bidders must add a credit card to bid/purchase Existing bidders are not required to submit a credit card to bid/purchase unless you require them to under SETUP > MOBILE AUCTION.
Processing Payments All purchases (Tickets, Fixed Price, Donations, Buy Nows on Silent items) are charged immediately.  Silent Auction bids are not charged when placed or when item is won; charges for Silent Auction winnings go into a Pending status for processing at your discretion. Charges for ALL bids & purchases go into a Pending status for processing at your discretion.
One-Click Login Text Capability Not available Available
Friendly URL Directs users to Giving Center Directs users to mobile login on their phone or kiosk login on a computer
Go Page - Event Admin Tool Not available Available
Go Page - Mobile Login Not available.  You can preview device in Planner using the Mobile Preview, which puts all bids under bidder #88888 Available to log in under any bidder number
Go Page - Item Pickup Assistant Not available Available



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