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At OneCause, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to use your data the way you want. As such, we've added a CRM ID field to supporter records to allow you to import data from and export data to your third party CRM seamlessly.

NOTE: If using Salesforce CRM, check out our OneCause Connect app, available on the Salesforce AppExchange! This tool allows direct importing and exporting of data between OneCause and Salesforce - read more here.

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General Setup
Field Mapping
Raiser's Edge Integration
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Supporter records in your Planner contain a CRM ID field that can be populated to expedite importing and exporting data between OneCause and your third-party CRM. Please follow the basic recommendations below for moving data between your CRM and your OneCause Planner:

Create an import CSV file of supporters from your CRM software that includes a unique identifying field that distinguishes your supporters within the CRM software.

Map this field to the CRM ID field during your supporter import.

If you wish to export activity from your Planner to your CRM software, create an import file for your CRM by selecting the desired Excel Export file under Reports > Exports and saving it as a CSV. The following reports contain the CRM ID to allow OneCause activity to be mapped back to the correct supporter in your CRM.  

    • Excel Export - Attendees
    • Excel Export - Item Donors
    • Excel Export - Solicitors
    • Excel Export - Supporters
    • Excel Export - Bill Totals (includes the balances rolled up for shared Bidder #'s)
    • Excel Export - Donations
    • Excel Export - Fixed Price Purchases
    • Excel Export - Misc Charges
    • Excel Export - Packages (includes all silent auction packages with winning bidder & amount)
    • Excel Export - Payment History
    • Excel Export - Payment Reconciliation
    • Excel Export - Purchases & Payments
    • Excel Export - Ticket Assignments
    • Excel Export - Ticket Options
    • Excel Export - Ticket Sales


The bulk of the data that you will be extracting from OneCause is focused on event activity (Proceeds) and Payments. While we collect Contact (Supporter) information, your CRM may have more contact fields than OneCause software supports. Here are the most relevant fields you will use in OneCause for importing and exporting:

People/Supporter Data

  • Salutation
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Donor Display Name
  • CRM ID

Contact Data

  • Address, City, State, Zip
  • Cell Phone
  • Email
  • Website
  • A separate set of Address, City, State, Zip fields exists for each credit card added online. This data is not included in standard exports but can be provided if needed. It is not collected at onsite Registration or Checkout.

Other Supporter Fields

  • 4 Notes fields (Notes, UserDefined1, UserDefined2, Item Donor Solicitation Note)
  • 2 Date fields (Thank You Sent, Item Donor Receipt Sent)
  • Involvement Fields include:
    • VIP, Attendee, Checked In, and Item Donor checkboxes
    • Item Donor Solicitation (customizable pick-list)
  • Table Number for this event
  • RSVP Status (pre-built pick-list)

Proceeds (such as silent auction, live auction, fixed price purchases, donation, tickets, or misc charges)

  • A Name or Description relevant to each type of proceeds
  • Amount
  • Value (when applicable)
  • Qty (when applicable)
  • Source (online or onsite)
  • Date/Time data is available for proceeds but does not automatically export on most reports where it isn't necessary. Date/Time data is most common on pre-event reports such as Ticket Purchases.


  • Method of Payment
  • Card Type (when applicable)
  • Name on Card (when applicable)
  • Transaction Date/Time
  • Amount
  • Payment Status ("Approved," "Rejected," "Voided")
  • Unique payment identifiers (last 4 digits of card, card expiration date, check number)



OneCause has created several export files tailored for use with Raiser's Edge. You will want to follow the steps from the General Setup section before your event to ensure your supporters have the CRM ID field populated with the appropriate Raiser's Edge Constituent ID. This will allow activity to be exported back to the correct Raiser's Edge constituents after your event.

NOTE: OneCause has partnered with Importacular to create an easy-to-use integration for migrating your OneCause data into Raiser's Edge! Read here for more information.

The following Raiser's Edge export files are available:

Name Description Sample
Raiser's Edge Constituents Includes all supporters with contact information Sample
Raiser's Edge Gifts - Fixed Price Purchases Includes all fixed price purchases with purchaser info Sample
Raiser's Edge Gifts - Item Donations Includes all item donations with donor info Sample
Raiser's Edge Gifts - Live Auction Includes all live auction packages with winner info Sample
Raiser's Edge Gifts - Money Donations Includes all cash donations with donor info Sample
Raiser's Edge Gifts - Silent Auction Includes all silent auction packages with winner info Sample
Raiser's Edge Gifts - Tickets Includes all ticket sales with purchaser info Sample

Tip! Some Raiser's Edge export files may prompt you to fill out various fields that exist in Raiser's Edge but not in OneCause. The export will contain a column for each of these RE fields with your input value populated in each row (e.g. If you wish to import your OneCause monetary donations into Raiser's Edge and tie them to a specific campaign within Raiser's Edge, you could run the "Raiser's Edge - Money Donations" export and populate the Campaign ID field.)


While the Appeal field in Raiser's Edge has no OneCause equivalent, you can fill it out on the Report Parameters page when running one of the Raiser's Edge exports. The text you enter will then be populated in each row of the subsequent export file, as shown below.



  1. Always import a CRM ID from your year-round database. This will allow you to easily map OneCause exports back to your CRM. You will be able to manually add/edit this ID field as needed before you export.
  2. Make sure that you import spouses as two separate records, but give them a shared bidder number before you import so they will stay connected on one bidding account. If you need guidance on this, ask our Support Team.
  3. Be purposeful when choosing which fields to map when importing data into OneCause from your CRM. For example:
    • Importing the Mailing Addresses of possible Item Donors allows you to print thank you letters to those Item Donors through OneCause.  
    • Importing the Mailing Addresses for Attendees is also possible, but less relevant because these addresses won't be used for purchases/payments, and Attendee thank you letters must be printed outside of OneCause.
  4. If possible, import the emails of your Supporters before you go live with your online Giving Center. As supporters register their email on Giving Center, OneCause will match them to the existing supporters you've imported into the system based on email. This is a great way to avoid creating a lot of duplicate records in your system that you would have to merge.

NOTE: Please be aware that Giving Center supporters own their own information. This means that when guests register on your Giving Center and connect to your imported supporter records via their email, they may alter/overwrite any contact info you initially imported for their supporter record in Planner.

For example, if you import a husband's email under his wife's name and he later registers with that email on Giving Center, he will replace her name with his on the supporter record in your system. If he chooses to clear out his address on his Giving Center profile, this will also erase the address you imported from his supporter record in Planner. Similarly, if he gives you a new cell number, that will be altered on the Planner supporter record as well. 

  1. Year-to-year, or event-to-event, you will be able to copy all Supporter data from event to event including username / password and encrypted credit card. This is accomplished through the Copy Event tool, not through standard exports/imports. Ask our Support Team if you need help with this.
  2. Be purposeful when choosing which fields to map when exporting data into your CRM from OneCause, and understand what is available. For example:
    • OneCause has an extremely flexible purchases and payments structure that allows guests to make many purchases and only one payment, or one purchase and many payments, or many purchases and no payments.  
    • While you can export all purchases/proceeds and you can export all payments, because of OneCause data structure you cannot associate each purchase with a specific payment.
    • If it is essential for your accounting to export both proceeds and payments, plan on doing at least 2 separate exports (more if you have multiple types of proceeds) with some manual reconciliation to associate a given payment with a given purchase.
  3. We generally discourage importing pre-event proceeds and ticket sales into OneCause. While you can do so using our Misc Charges import, you would need to manually add the corresponding payment to each record as well. If you have an important reason to import pre-event proceeds into OneCause, talk to our Support Team to brainstorm ideas.


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