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DIY Checklist: Pre-Event Print Article


This checklist will step you through your pre-event planning phase, including event logistics, testing cellular coverage, obtaining an iATS merchant account, and event configuration in myBidPal Planner.


☐ Venue Check - Use to check cell coverage at your venue. Make sure to do this with multiple cell carriers.

Create Users in myBidPal Planner

☐ Set up your Friendly URL and Event Pin

☐ Submit iATS application for payment processing

Enter iATS account in myBidPal Planner

Set up your Fundraiser

Set up Tickets for online ticket sales

Sell Tickets and Assign Tickets to supporters manually as needed

Set up Tables for guests to seat themselves

Import Item Donors & Supporters

Enter Items

Create Packages

Import Package Photos

Manage Supporters (merge duplicates, assign couples the same bid number)

☐ Customize Setup features in Planner:


Upload Sponsors

Review Ticker Messages and Timing

Select User Interface Buttons for mobile bidding

Design Scoreboards

☐ Gather laptops OR iPads, powercords and printers for Registration/Checkout

Setup SmartPay for Registration/Checkout

☐ Get laptop and projector for BidPal Scoreboards

Plan Registration (spacing, tables, volunteers, office supplies, and a quiet HQ)

Plan Checkout

Plan Item Pickup





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