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**App Usage is not recommended currently

BidPal has a mobile app for iOS and Android smartphone users to download and use year-round to track charitable giving. Your guests do not need the app to participate in your event but may download it in conjunction with your fundraiser.

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      How to install on iPhone
      How to install on Android
            My Events
            Giving Feed
            Giving Activity
            Sign Up / Log In
      Frequently asked questions


The app is also available for download directly in the App Store!


 The app is also available for download directly in the Playstore!


My Events

My Events is your hub for accessing all BidPal events:

  • Events with active auctions will be listed in the Open section; click on an open event to be logged directly into the mobile auction.
  • Events with auctions that have ended will be listed in the Closed section; click on a closed event to view your purchases & payments from that auction.
Don't have mobile numbers to send your supporters a One Click Login text? No problem! Now with My Events, guests can search for any open or future event by simply typing in the organization name, event name, or the event's friendly URL (e.g. fallgala).

NOTE: Mobile app users will only be able to access open events with a published mobile auction. If an event does not have a published mobile auction, users who find the event via search will be reminded to check back closer to the specific event's date. 

Need help publishing? Here are some handy instructions on how to publish your mobile auction

Giving Feed

The Giving Feed provides your supporters with the ultimate nonprofit and charitable giving newsfeed. Similar to the Facebook newsfeed concept, supporters can peruse a list of uplifting stories and fundraising topics to share with friends and family.

Giving Activity

Giving Activity is the place to go to find your giving activity from past BidPal events you've attended. Automatically generated receipts allow supporters to review what they've purchased, won, or donated at any given BidPal event. Click into a row for details including fair market value, amount spent, and payment methods used, along with important organization details like EIN for tax purposes.

Giving Activity can now act as an all-encompassing source for your charitable giving recordkeeping. Along with automatic receipts from BidPal events, supporters may now use the plus icon to manually add monetary donations, item donations, or purchases (event tickets, raffles, silent auction winnings) made outside of BidPal!

Sign Up / Log In

Mobile app users can now create an email login or Sign Up using their Facebook or Google accounts. This allows users to remain tied to their events and receipts, even when getting a new phone!




What are the advantages to installing the BidPal app? Users will automatically have access to their event receipt at the end of the event. We are also developing a slew of features and functionality to benefit both Organizations and Supporters.

How does a user get back to the auction from within the app? In the app, press My Events and select the event in Open section.

If a guest refuses to install the BidPal app, can he/she still bid in the mobile auction? Guests can click the X in the upper left-hand corner or Continue to auction on the prompt to install page, and they will still be routed to the mobile auction.

Is the app available on Windows phones? Not at this time. The app is available on iOS and Android.


  • If a user encounters an issue with the app, have him/her uninstall it.
    • User can go back to their text messages and click on their One-Click Login link to get into the mobile auction.
    • User can click the X or Continue to auction button on the prompt to install page to bypass installing the app.
  • If an iPhone user doesn’t know their iTunes password, don’t have him/her install the app. The user can go back to their text messages and click on their One-Click Login link again or open Safari. This time, the user should click the X in the banner prompt to bypass installing the app.
  • If the event doesn’t appear in a user’s My Events list, have him/her go back to their text messages and click on their OCL link again. This will sync the user to the event.
  • If a user either has cookies disabled on their device, or opens the auction using Private Browsing (Safari) or Incognito Mode (Chrome), he/she may be prompted to install the app each time the OCL is accessed, regardless of whether the app is installed or not and regardless of whether he/she has clicked the X or Continue to auction in the past.
  • When in doubt, please ask your onsite BidPal Manager or call BidPal Support.
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