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Using our DIY offering at your event?  Buddy is full of information on how to use BidPal to the fullest, and our Product Support Specialists are always here to answer questions about the software. We further strive to empower you to get even more out of your DIY experience with the webinars & checklists you'll find below.


Our webinar was recorded on 9/3/2015 and includes great information about how to execute a successful DIY event. It is focused on event logistics more than software. It includes tips and tricks for registration and checkout as well as details about equipment needed for the event.

Some features or screenshots may have been replaced with newer features and software since this webinar was recorded.

Check out specific topics below!

  1. Overview
  2. Equipment & iATS
  3. Giving Center & Mobile Auction
  4. Registration & Checkout
  5. Donation Appeal & Live Auction
  6. Final Check & QA
  7. It's Event Day!



As a DIY customer, we know you've got a lot on your plate. Review the following checklists for a quick run-down of tasks you'll want to complete to ensure a smooth event.

Please click on links below to open and print the desired checklist:

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