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DIY Checklist: Week of Event Print Article


This checklist will step you through tasks to complete the week prior to your event, including seating supporters, scheduling One Click Login texts, and preparing your volunteers and emcee for the event.


Assign Tables to all attendees

Set up Event in Progress page and Configure Remote Bidding

☐ Activate or deactivate Self-Registration

Print Friendly URL / Get Started Bidding cards

Write script for Emcee (including announcements about bidding)

Write and schedule your One Click Login (OCL) text messages

☐ Review date in your Dr. Buddy Event Health Check


For additional ideas and tips, listen to our recorded webinar:

  1. Overview
  2. Equipment & iATS
  3. Giving Center & Mobile Auction
  4. Registration & Checkout
  5. Donation Appeal & Live Auction
  6. Final Check & QA
  7. Its Event Day!


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