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This checklist will step you through tasks to complete on event day, including accessing the Go Page, sending One-Click Login texts, setting up Kiosks & Scoreboards, assigning winners, and editing auction times.

Please click links below to jump to sections:

Before Registration
During the Event
At Checkout


Tip! Event Day DIY Technical Support can be reached at: (888) 418-3605

Before Registration

Connect to the Go page on your device by navigating to:[your friendly URL]/go

Send initial One Click Login text to begin early bidding (mid-morning recommended)

☐ Review the Event Health Check report

☐ Review sections marked with X or !

☐ Check for possible Duplicate Supporters and correct via merging - Merge Supporters

☐ Print reports as needed from OneCause Planner > Reports > View Reports

☐ Print Live Auction Spotter Form (if applicable)

Set up Kiosks

Set up Scoreboard

☐ Train your volunteers (training videos are accessible via the Go Page)

☐ Review announcements with emcee/auctioneer

During the Event

☐ Monitor registration

☐ Use the Event Admin Tool from the Go Page to:

☐ Monitor proceeds

☐ Rescind accidental bids or purchases

☐ Toggle over to Donation Scoreboard for donation appeal (if applicable)

Record Live Auction Winners (if applicable)

Set your Auction Control End Times in OneCause Planner so the Silent Auction closes at the desired time

At Checkout

☐ Prepare for Checkout & Item Pickup (use SmartPay for Checkout and Pickup)

☐ At auction end, send a text message to those guests with outstanding balances, encouraging them to add a credit card to their profile or to stop by check-out to complete their purchase and/or donation. 

☐ Print the following Reports at auction end for use during checkout:

☐ Receipts - Standard (Receipts section)

Tip! Consider encouraging guests to email themselves a receipt from their devices and then printing one-off receipts as needed via SmartPay Checkout.

☐ Packing Slip (Receipts section)

☐ Proceeds by Bidder (Proceeds section)

☐ Bid History by Package (Bid History section)

☐ Dashboard (Proceeds section)

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