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Consignment packages are silent auction, live auction, or fixed price packages that you purchase to then auction off or sell at a higher price at your event. These packages can be exciting experiences, once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities, unique jewelry, in-demand sports memorabilia, or other high-priced items.  

Tip! Make certain you work with an experienced consignment company that does not charge you for the package unless it sells.


You can record the consignment value on both items and packages in Planner. Navigate to the Item Edit or Package Edit screen, check the box next to consignment and enter the consignment price.


Tip! The Starting Bid of your package should be higher than the consignment value so you don't lose money. 


OneCause Ultimate Travel Packages & Experiences, powered by Winspire, provide access to highly sought after, hard to find travel experiences for use in silent auctions, live auctions, and/or raffles. These packages allow you to offer exclusive travel packages without any upfront cost. You purchase only what you sell, making every item risk-free. Impress your supporters with the kind of buzz that drives up bidding! After your event, Winspire will take care of your winning bidders by booking their travel experience down to the last detail.

Get started and discover what great packages are available by clicking here. Once you choose to reserve a package, you'll be contacted by a Winspire consultant who can answer your questions, provide fundraising tips, and reserve items.



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