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The OneCause Text2Give platform can be used to quickly harness the power of your supporters to drive your mission. Use it for individual giving appeals, at sporting events, festivals, galas, and more to allow donors to support your cause.

Text2Give provides you with:

  • Keywords for your campaigns
  • Direct deposit of funds
  • Automatic email receipts for supporters
  • Real-time donor tracking
  • Scoreboards to engage your crowd

Text the word DONATE to BIDPAL (243725) to demo Text2Give for yourself (and don't worry - your credit card will not be charged)!

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How To
Best Practices
Instructions for Donors
Resources (Marketing & Instructional Materials)


Shortly after you've ordered a Text2Give package online, you'll receive a Welcome Email with next steps.

We'll need a few basic details from you to get started. Click on the link in your Welcome Email and fill out the following:

Field Description
Organization Donors will see this name on the Text2Give landing page.
Organization EIN / Tax ID (Optional) Donors will see this on their emailed receipt.
Organization Logo

Upload a high resolution logo that will be prominently featured on your Text2Give landing page.

Secondary Image

(Optional) If you do not wish to display a thermometer tracking progress toward your goal on the Text2Give landing page, upload a second image to display instead.

Campaign Name Donors will see this name on the Text2Give landing page.
Campaign Start Date Tell us when you'd like your Text2Give campaign to kick off.
Preferred Keyword This will be the unique phrase your donors will text to BIDPAL (243725) to access your Text2Give campaign.

Donation Goal

(Optional) Let us know how much you are aiming to raise with this campaign. This amount will be used to generate a thermometer tracking your progress and is visible on the Text2Give landing page as well as your campaign's scoreboard.
Donation Message When donors text your keyword to BIDPAL, they will receive a link to your Text2Give campaign with this message. (e.g. Thank you for your support! Please click the following link to donate:)
Thank You Message After completing a donation, this custom thank you message will display. (e.g. Thank you for supporting our mission!)
Donation Amounts

(Optional) Choose up to 10 pre-set amount buttons that allow donors to quickly choose a donation amount (e.g. $1000, $500, $250, $100, $75, $50, $25, $10, $5).

NOTE: Donors will always have the ability to enter a manual amount so that they can give as much as they are able.

Scoreboard Type (Optional) Choose between a donation thermometer scoreboard, a scoreboard that only displays the running total, or no scoreboard. This can be changed later by request.
Scoreboard - Donor Names (Optional) Select whether or not to thank your donors by name on your scoreboard in real time.


A OneCause representative will get your Text2Give site set up and ready to go! We'll be in touch with the contact provided on your form if there are any questions.

Otherwise, you'll receive a follow up email containing the following:

      • A link to your web-based donation scoreboard
      • Links to various tracking reports, including Supporter Information and Payment History in a convenient spreadsheet format
      • Instructions for accessing & testing your Text2Give page

For social media campaigns, you can have supporters text your campaign's keyword to BIDPAL or send them a hyperlink to:<keyword>. Your scoreboard and reports update in real time, so just spread the (key)word to your supporters and watch as the donations roll in! 

NOTE: The Text2Give landing page is donor-specific, so the response hyperlink obtained via texting your keyword to BIDPAL should not be forwarded/shared. If sharing your campaign via a hyperlink, please use the aforementioned<keyword> to ensure all donations are associated with their unique donors.

Continue reading to learn the process for donating via Text2Give and check out pre-made marketing materials you can use to drive excitement and guide donors with simple step-by-step giving instructions!


Selecting your keyword.

  • Keep your keyword simple and short.
  • Try typing in the keyword in a text message to see if auto-correct changes it - you want the supporter experience to be as effortless as possible!
  • Consider using the first word or acronym that comes to mind when thinking of your organization.
  • Ensure your keyword is simple to say/spell out to others (avoid the "B as in Boy, not D as in David" scenario) and is not easily confused with another word.

Maximizing supporter engagement.

  • Use your Text2Give web address (<keyword>) to promote the campaign on social media and in emails.
  • Set goals and offer inexpensive rewards as incentive (e.g. principal for the day, preferred parking spot, etc.).
  • Find a matching donor to motivate your supporters.

"If we raise $5K by our target date, John Smith will match it!"

  • Offer promotions or discounts on your Thank You page.

"As a thank you for your generosity, show your emailed receipt at the Museum Gift Shop for 20% off your purchase!"

Marketing your Text2Give campaign.

  • Garner excitement and maximize donations by using multiple marketing channels to promote your campaign, including:
    • Social media
      • Link to your Text2Give campaign directly from your Facebook page using a "Donate Now" button (learn how here)
    • Organization website
    • Email campaigns
    • Print publications (invites, save the dates, newsletter, etc.)
    • Online event registration website
    • Event day signage
  • Promote your goal and give concrete details about how the funds will be used to motivate donors.

"We are here to raise $20,000 so we can send 20 underprivileged students on college tours."

Educating your team and audience.

  • If using Text2Give at a physical event:
    • Ensure guests know that donations will be collected via mobile phones, and remind them to charge their devices before arrival!
    • Rehearse the donation steps with your Emcee and/or Event Chair prior to your appeal.
    • Have the Emcee explain to guests how to donate and provide clear signage with instructions.
    • If a VIP reception is held, provide a brief introduction of Text2Give to your most important donors.
    • Make sure cellular coverage is adequate; if needed, arrange for Wi-Fi service from your venue.
    • Remind guests that payment will be made via their credit card and emailed receipts will be available; no charges will appear on guests' phone bills.
    • Display your Scoreboard prominently at the event or on your website to let donors see their impact in real time.



     Step 1: Text Your Keyword To 243725 (BIDPAL)

     * Text campaign keyword to 243725 (BIDPAL)
     * Receive a response text
     * Click on the link in the text message to donate





Step 2: Make a Donation

* Click on a donation amount or enter your own
* Make a tax-deductible gift! 



Step 3: Complete Your Payment

* Fill out payment information
* Click Give Now
* Email yourself a receipt
* Thank you for your support!


Click the links below to download or print marketing & instructional materials. 


Download ADOBE Keyword Signage .indd (must have InDesign or other graphic software for this file)

Download WORD Keyword Signage .docx

Download PDF Keyword Signage .pdf




Download ADOBE Text2Give Guest Tutorial .indd (must have InDesign or other graphic software for this file)

Download WORD Text2Give Guest Tutorial .docx

Download PDF Text2Give Guest Tutorial .pdf







Download PDF Text2Give Best Practices .pdf






Download POWERPOINT Text2Give Instructions .pptx




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