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Sponsorships can be tracked in OneCause in multiple locations:

  • Sponsor Logos appear on the BidPal Mobile Bidding interface and your Giving Center, and offer an easy way to provide exposure for your sponsors.
  • Non-Ticketed Sponsorships (such as Ad Sales) can be purchased online and/or sold through Planner using Fixed Price packages.
  • Ticketed Sponsorships can be purchased online by guests and/or sold through Planner by your staff.



If you are selling Sponsorships that do not include tickets, there are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. If you are not selling these on your Giving Center, and only tracking in Planner, the easiest way is to add them as Miscellaneous Charges.
  2. If you wish to let people buy them on your Giving Center, you will instead set them up as Fixed Price Packages. This allows you to establish prices for each as well as limit the available quantity (for example, if you are selling Ad Sales you might have a limit of 1 for the Back Cover Ad and a limit of 4 for your Half-Page Inside Cover Ads).

As Fixed Price purchases, your sponsors are able to record what they paid and what the value is so they can properly reflect a charitable amount on their taxes.

Best Practices for Fixed Price Sponsorships:

  • Sponsorships are rarely 100% tax-deductible; this is why we recommend setting these up as Fixed Price rather than Donations.
  • To sell these sponsorships in Planner, use the Enter Sales & Donations tool.
  • Before the event:
    • Make sure all Sponsorships are paid before your event so they don't show up on the guest's balance due at the event.
    • Expire these packages prior to your live event, so they won't be visible. This can be done by opening the package from Planner > Packages > Manage Packages, choosing the Visibility tab, then clicking the Override checkbox for "Auction Times" and setting the Package End Time in the past.
    • Hide these packages from the Scoreboard to avoid any confusion during the event. This can also be done from the Visibility tab on Package Edit by unchecking the "Show on Scoreboard" checkbox. 
  • Selling Sponsorships won't automatically add sponsor logos to your system; if you wish to upload a logo, follow these directions.



Ticketed Sponsorships can be created and sold like any other Ticket Package. You may make each sponsorship available for the public to purchase on your Giving Center, or you may decide to limit it to only your staff selling ticketed sponsorships through Planner.

How to Sell Ticketed Sponsorships

There are two methods for selling ticketed sponsorships:

  1. Corporate Sponsors
    • 1 with the purchase and payment (which does not hold a ticket)
    • 10 with no purchases or payments that are ticket holders, which will eventually have guests' names on them  
    • These Sponsorships often involve a unique Supporter record for the corporation that includes the purchase and the payment, but this record will not hold a ticket.  
    • For example, if a corporate sponsorship includes 10 tickets, there should be 11 Supporters:
    • Even if your corporate contact is coming to the event, keep the original corporate Supporter as a separate record and give the contact his/her own record among the 10 ticket holders so their receipt accurately reflects only their personal purchases.
  2. Individual Sponsors
    • 1 of which will include the purchase/payment AND hold a ticket
    • 9 which will be ticket holders that will eventually have guests' names on them  
    • If an individual purchases a sponsorship, their Supporter record will include the purchase, the payment, and will be one of the ticket holders.
    • For example, an individual sponsorship of 10 tickets will only generate 10 Supporters:

Best Practices for Ticketed Sponsorships:

  • Each Sponsorship package should contain the number of tickets the sponsor receives (e.g. a "Gold Sponsorship" might contain 10 tickets).
  • Benefits of the Sponsorship can be listed in the ticket package's Description field, and will be visible to all who see the package.
  • If your Sponsorship includes a table, make sure to assign all ticket holders of this sponsorship to the same table.
  • Make sure all Sponsorships are paid before your event so they don't show up on the guest's balance due at the event.
  • Selling Sponsorships won't automatically add sponsor logos to your system; if you wish to upload a logo, follow these directions.


Sponsors may not always use the tickets that come with the sponsorship. If you sell them as detailed above, you will end up with "Guest of [sponsor name]" for any sponsorship tickets not yet assigned to a guest.

There are three ways to handle these tickets:

  1. Hang on to the tickets until event night in case the sponsor decides to use them, or use them as a way to resolve last-minute problems on event night.
  2. If the sponsor decides they cannot use some of their tickets, you could donate those tickets to staff, faculty, or other constituents who wouldn't normally be able to attend your event.
  3. If donating unused tickets is not an option, then in order to keep your ticket count accurate with home many people are attending, consider one of the following:
    1. Do not sell a ticketed sponsorship to that sponsor at all - use the Non-Ticketed Sponsorship option to sell the sponsorship without creating any tickets you know won't be used, OR
    2. Create a special ticketed sponsorship package just for them that includes the exact number of tickets they are able to use.



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