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Converting an Online Auction to an Onsite Paper Auction Print Article


If you are not using mobile bidding onsite at your event, you can still carry over the online auction proceeds you made through OneCause to the paper bid sheets you will use onsite.

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Set up Timeline
Auction Control Times
Silent Auction Package Setup


The following are the basic steps for completing your auction:


Set up your Giving Center

Add packages and supporters

Enter your event timeline under Setup > Preferences > Event

Day Before Your Event

Turn off online bidding by turning off your auction catalog (Setup > Giving Center > Enabled Features > Auction Catalog checkbox)

Before you print paper bid sheets, you will need to change your auction control time (see below)

Print paper bid sheets to use at your event that show the current bid (Reports > View Reports > Paper Bid Sheets with Last Bid)

After Silent Auction Ends

Enter winners in Planner

Process payments


Auction Control Times regulate when your silent auction packages will close and declare a winner. For paper auctions, this time must be set far enough in the future to allow you time to manually input the paper winners. 

Note: If the Auction Control closes before the paper auction results are entered, the software will automatically assign the highest online bidder and alert them that they have won by email.

Manage Silent Auction End Time (Setup > Auction Control)

  1. While your online auction is open, set the Silent Auction End Time to be the actual end of your paper auction (for example: Saturday night at 9:00 pm).
  2. Once you turn off your online auction bidding (for example on Friday night), change the Silent Auction End Time to a few days post-event (for example: Tuesday at 9:00 pm). By doing this, you ensure that the system will not auto-declare any winners before you've had a chance to manually enter all winners from the event and handle any post-event wrap up.


There are several different ways to leverage the BidPal software for online and onsite bidding. Review the questions below to ensure you set up packages appropriately:

Will all packages be available for sale both online and then onsite via paper bid sheets?

If No: Follow the processes above but use visibility controls and end times on individual packages to control those that will not be both online and onsite.

Will the online and onsite auctions have completely separate packages?

If Yes: If you are actually conducting 2 different auctions, consider spinning up a separate event for each. If you do need to keep the auctions in a single event, you will need to use visibility controls and end times on individual packages to control which are for sale online and which are for sale onsite.

Will you allow online bidders the option to “Buy Now” (purchase a package for a large sum, rather than bid against others)?  Reminder: "Buy Now" is active by default on all packages.

If Yes: If a guest buys a package online, make sure not to set out a paper bid sheet for that sold package.
If No: If you do not wish to allow "Buy Now," make sure to disable the "Buy Now" price default before you make your online auction available to the public.



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