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A discount or promo code is a custom keyword that ticket purchasers may enter at checkout to receive a discount on their ticket purchase. Examples:

  • EARLYBIRD for $25 off each ticket, limited to the first 25 uses, available for one week
  • VIP2016 for 10% off, unlimited uses, always available
  • JOHN9889 for $50 off, limited to 1 use

You set the discount dollar amount or percentage off, decide if there is a limited number of uses, set when it's available for redemption, and choose the ticket packages for which the discount applies. You then communicate the promo code to whomever you want, and they will receive a discount if they enter the code while purchasing tickets in the Giving Center.

NOTE: Ticketing convenience fees applied to tickets purchased on the Giving Center will be based on the final sales price, including any discounts.

Check out our blog post for some of our favorite promo code uses!



To add a discount or promo code, first go to Tickets > Setup Tickets > Discount/Promo Codes tab and click Add. 

For each discount code, enter the following information and click Save.


Enter: What’s this? Examples
Code Series of letters or numbers that ticket purchasers will enter at checkout to redeem


NOTE: Code is case insensitive. Please use only alphanumeric characters. Spaces and certain special characters (including: &, %, #, +, and =) are not allowed.

Description Internal notes for tracking what the ticket code is used for or who you need to communicate it to Include callout in eNewsletter on 6/1
Discount Type Choose whether it's a percentage discount or set dollar amount off  
Discount Amount Enter the percentage or dollar discount that should be discounted off each ticket

25% or $15

NOTE: Do not enter symbols, negatives, or decimal points.

Limited # of Total Uses Enter the number of times the promo code can be redeemed. If unlimited, leave blank! 25 to limit to the first 25 uses or blank for unlimited
Assigned Ticket Packages Click Manage to pull up a list of ticket packages; here you can select (or deselect) with which packages this code this promo code can be used

Single Ticket, Couples Ticket, VIP Sponsorship

NOTE: Discount will be applied for each assigned ticket package included in the sale. For example, a $25 promo code that is assigned to both your Single Ticket and Couples Ticket packages would result in a $50 total discount if a guest purchases both of these packages in the same sale.

Limit once per user Check the box if you only want each user based on email address to be able to use this promo code once. If unchecked, someone could complete multiple ticket sales using the promo code each time. Checked or unchecked
Available Start Time & End Time By default, promo codes can be redeemed whenever the applicable ticket packages are available for sale in the Giving Center. If you want to offer a promo code for a set amount of time, check the Override checkbox and enter the start date/time and end date/time. The promo code will only be redeemable during this period of time. While tickets are available or 07-01-2016 08:30AM to 07-15-2016 11:59PM

NOTE: Once a promo code has been redeemed, you may not delete it or edit the code name or discount price.

Tip! You may also enter any applicable promo codes while entering ticket sales in Planner!


For high-level reporting: Use the Ticket Sales Summary report to break down the total # of uses and amount discounted by each promo code.

For individual sale details: Use the Ticket Sales or Excel Export - Ticket Sales reports to see details of all sales, including promo code usage.


How many tickets does the promo code apply to in each purchase?
Promo codes apply to all the tickets being purchased if their ticket package allows the discount:

  • Example 1: A guest buys 2 "Dinner tickets" that are $125 each, and uses a $25 "Alum" discount code that applies to this ticket package, so they get $50 discounted ($25 for each ticket) for a total ticket sale of $200.
  • Example 2: If a guest buys 1 "Dinner ticket" for $125 and 1 "Alum ticket" for $125 and the $25 "Alum" discount only applies to the Alum ticket, then their discount only applies to the 1 Alum ticket, for a total sale of $225. 

How are promo code discounts applied?
The discount amount of the promo code will be applied to each assigned ticket package included in a given sale. For example, a $25 EARLYBIRD promo code that is assigned to both your Single Ticket and Couples Ticket packages would result in a $50 total discount if a guest purchases both of these packages in the same sale and applies the EARLYBIRD promo code.

How do promo codes affect ticketing convenience fees?
Ticketing convenience fees are based off the final sales price after any discounts have been applied.

Can multiple promo codes be applied to a single ticket sale?
Absolutely! Users may apply as many valid promo codes as desired to a given ticket sale.




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