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OneCause software and resources are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The following terms will help new users navigate the system:

Giving Center 

One-Multiple_Devices.pngYour guests will visit your Giving Center on any device before, during and after your event.  Your menu, and all aspects of your event, can be enabled or disabled as your fundraising progresses.  

Your Giving Center allows you to:

Guests who access your event on their phone will also have a mobile-optimized Home screen of buttons to navigate your site even faster. 

Guests can get to your site by visiting your friendly URL or via a One-Click-Login text message you send them.

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The primary software you will use to set up and manage your event, including:

Login to Planner from any online device via using a unique email and password.  

Help Center


24/7 support site with articles, videos, and tours to show you how to use Planner, SmartPay, and Giving Center.

Need additional help? Contact our Support Team by phone, email or chat for assistance.



OneCause RegistrationCheckout and Item Pickup software that your volunteers will use to check in guests, collect payments, and send out text messages.  SmartPay can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device with a web browser. 

Go Page - The Go Page gives you access to important tools and stats such as SmartPay Registration/Checkout software and Scoreboards.  

Kiosk - A kiosk is a laptop computer or tablet that is designated as a bidding station, which is helpful for guests who do not have a charged smartphone.

Scoreboard - Scoreboards provide real-time data that you can display on screens during your event, such as 'Items with No Bids' or a 'Donation Thermometer.' Choose from a variety of pre-built scoreboards or purchase custom Scoreboards for a unique experience.

Data Terms

Supporters - Everyone connected to your event; item donors, attendees / ticket holders, remote bidders, volunteers, staff, your emcee and your auctioneer. Every Supporter has a Bidder Number (couples should share a number) so they have the potential to bid if you invite them.

Items - Individual items donated to you for your auction. All Items will be converted to Packages for bidding or selling to guests. Items are not visible to your guests.

Packages - One or more items make up a package. Packages are what you promote and sell on your Giving Center.

Tent Cards - Tent Cards are a great way for onsite guests browsing the auction item area to know at a glance what is being auctioned off.

Additional Important Terms

Payment Processor - OneCause uses a payment processor to securely run your guest's credit cards. You will need to apply for a payment processing account and receive login credentials to the account before you publish your Giving Center and begin accepting credit cards.

Text Message / OCL - Once you publish your Giving Center, you will be able to send One-Click-Login text messages to bidders' phones to invite them to participate in your event.

Friendly URL - Your unique web address that guests can visit to access your Giving Center. This will always begin with '' and then contain a short word that is special to your event - examples include '' or ''
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