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SmartPay Anywhere simplifies the registration and checkout process. Its modern, responsive design allows you to use SmartPay on a variety of laptops (Windows or Mac), tablets, and mobile devices. You can have direct access before, during, and after your event via web browser* with no software installation needed.

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Log into SmartPay Anywhere
Check out guests on SmartPay Anywhere
      Look up guest
      Confirm purchases & payments
      Add payment(s)
      Split item(s) between guests
      Email or print receipt
 Monitor checkout progress

*Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are supported. Internet Explorer users will need to upgrade to Edge.

SmartPay Checkout Video for Volunteer training


Open a web browser, navigate to your event's Go page (e.g., and click on SmartPay Anywhere icon, OR launch the iOS App if you are using audio jack card swipers.

If prompted, enter your Friendly URL (e.g. and 4-digit Event PIN to log in.



Say to the guest, "Hello! May I please have your name?"

Tip! You only need to enter the first few characters of the guest's first or last name. You can also search by bidder #, table #, or table name.

If multiple matches are found, click the correct guest's record.


Open the guest's Purchases & Payments. Confirm the following information:

    • First & last name
    • Purchases - any won or purchased items, donations, and charges
    • Previous payments, if applicable
    • Balance due

NOTE: If the guest pre-swiped a credit card, it will be shown in the Payments list as the Express Checkout Card, and any balance due will automatically be applied.

Check Out

Actions you can take:


If the guest doesn’t have a credit card on file or wants to change payment methods, click Add Payment. Select the payment method and enter the corresponding amount. By default, the full balance due will be populated.

Tip! To add multiple payments, simply click "Add Another Payment" and fill out the payment details for each method. The Balance Due in the bottom right corner will update accordingly with each payment added. Click the Auto Split button to evenly split the remaining balance between the different payment methods.

Tip! In order to swipe credit cards on iOS phones or tablets, you must have installed BidPal's iOS SmartPay Anywhere app and have an audio jack credit card swiper connected - check out instructions here. Android swiping is not yet supported.


Sometimes several guests may pitch in to purchase an item, such as a vacation or VIP concert experience. To accomplish this within SmartPay Anywhere:

Find the guest’s bill who is currently assigned as the winner of the item. Click the Split icon next to the item you want to split.

Click Add Another Bidder. 

Search and select the name of each guest who is splitting the item.

Once all purchasers have been added, enter the amount to charge each person or click Auto Split to divide the amount evenly between the selected guests. When finished, click Save.

Tip! The Amount Remaining must be $0 before you can save.



When you've finished checking out the guest, click Email Receipt + Close at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Tip! If the guest does not need a receipt, simply use the Back to Search button to close the record; all changes you've made on this page (selling an item, adding a miscellaneous charge or payment, marking an item as picked up, etc.) save automatically!

Choose from an existing email for a supporter associated with the Bidder #, or select the radio button for a new email address and type it in.

If you opted to send to a new email, you'll be prompted to add the email to one of the supporters on this Bidder #. Select who the email belongs to, or click Skip if the user does not wish to save this email.


Select Print Receipt from the Actions menu. You'll be prompted to choose if you want to print a full-page receipt (laser printer) or a specially formatted receipt for a thermal printer. The guest's receipt will open in a new browser tab, where you can use your browser's print functionality.


You can review how many guests still need to check out by navigating to Menu > Stats. View the total amount outstanding and the list of bidders who have a balance due. Click on a bidder to go directly into their record and add a payment.



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