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If your Magtek USB credit card swipers aren't working or you are a DIY customer upgrading to SmartPay Anywhere, please check and, if necessary, change the mode for each credit card swiper you plan to use. The correct swiper mode will be different depending on which version of SmartPay you are using:

For SmartPay Legacy:        HID MODE

For SmartPay Anywhere:    KBE MODE

IMPORTANT: You must use a Windows PC in order to check or change swiper modes.

To verify and/or change the mode on your swipers, follow the steps below:

Navigate to and download the MagTek Reader Configuration program. Install and launch it.

Plug in a credit card swiper via USB.

On the MagTek program's login prompt, click Use Public Account...


For steps 4-6, please reference this image:

Click DETECT to analyze your swiper. 

Verify your swiper has Security Level: 02*

*Only Security Level 2 swipers will work with BidPal SmartPay. If your swiper has a different security level, credit cards will not save and all data will be lost.

Check the swiper's Interface Type (aka 'mode'):

      • If using Legacy SmartPay, your swipers should be:        00 - HID
      • If using SmartPay Anywhere, your swipers should be:    01 - KBE

If you need to change modes:

      • Use the Reader Config Options drop-down to select MODE_HID or MODE_KBE.
      • Click Change Config.
      • Click Detect, and verify the Interface Type reports the correct mode.

Unplug the swiper, then plug it back in so your laptop acknowledges the new mode and driver.

Launch SmartPay and go into a guest's record to swipe a credit card and confirm it works. Repeat steps with each swiper.

Tip! You are welcome to configure all swipers on one laptop to save time - just be aware that as soon as you configure each swiper, the laptop will not recognize the new config until you unplug and replug the swiper into it.

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