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SmartPay Anywhere software can be accessed pre-event on any web-enabled device. If you have rented or purchased our equipment, a member of our Operations Department will be in touch to coordinate logistics.

Cellular Pro & DIY customers should ALWAYS test SmartPay Anywhere & Credit Card Swipers on devices they plan to use for registration and checkout, in advance of event day.

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Connection requirements
Log into SmartPay Anywhere
Connect accessories
SmartPay Anywhere App & Audio Jack swipers

SmartPay Registration Video for Volunteer training

SmartPay Checkout Video for Volunteer training


SmartPay Anywhere is a responsive, web-based solution that can be run in a browser on Windows or Mac laptops, tablets, or mobile phones via web browser. For iPads or iPhones, an iOS SmartPay App is also available for iOS 9 and up.
Credit Card Swipers: Audio jack swipers work only on iPads and iPhones via the SmartPay Anywhere App. Please contact OneCause Support to purchase swipers. 
Supported iOS for browser-based SmartPay Anywhere: iOS versions 9 and up, Android, Windows

Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari

NOTE: Internet Explorer is not supported. Please upgrade to Microsoft Edge or download a different browser.

Internet: A direct, high-speed internet connection is required (Wi-Fi or wired) for each device using SmartPay Anywhere.


Open a web browser, navigate to your event's Go page (e.g., and click on SmartPay Anywhere icon, OR launch the iOS App if you are using audio jack card swipers on an iPad/iPhone.

If prompted enter your Friendly URL (e.g. and 4-digit Event PIN to log in.

We recommend that you put the browser in full-screen mode. On Windows laptops, press the F11 key. On Macs, hold Cmd+Shift+F keys.

Familiarize yourself & your key volunteers with SmartPay registration & checkout/pickup software:



SmartPay equipment will be provided with OneCause staff at our Full-Service Cellular events with payment processing.

Cellular Pro and DIY customers should purchase SmartPay accessories by contacting OneCause Support at 888-418-3605 or


Open the App Store on your Apple device and search for "BidPal". Install the green SmartPay Anywhere App.

NOTE: Be sure you are not installing the blue BidPal app - this app is currently inactive.

Connect the credit card swiper to your iPhone or iPad's audio jack.

NOTE: For maximum effectiveness, ensure that your device's volume is turned all the way up.

Launch the app. Upon initial use, you may be prompted with an alert requesting access to the microphone, which you will need to accept.

Log into SmartPay Anywhere by entering your event's Friendly URL and Event PIN, then search for a bidder record.

Swipe your credit card and verify that the credit card fields update with the correct credit card information. Click Cancel if you don't want to save that credit card.

Repeat steps for each device and credit card swiper.

Tip! Once you've opened a bidder record, you can swipe a card no matter which tab you are viewing. If you are using an iPhone, you may wish to review existing credit cards by clicking the Menu button and choosing "Saved Credit Cards"; from an iPad, you can review existing credit cards by clicking the Manage Cards button on the right pane of the Profile Details tab.


Troubleshooting audio jack credit card swipers for iOS:

  • Ensure that you are accessing SmartPay via the installed SmartPay Anywhere app; audio jack swipers will not work with SmartPay launched from a web browser.
  • Ensure that your device's volume is turned all the way up.
  • If the swiper doesn’t work, try unplugging it and plugging it back in. If that fails, try force closing the app and starting over.
  • If none of these steps work, call OneCause Support - 888-418-3605.


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