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SmartPay Anywhere simplifies the registration and checkout process. Its modern, responsive design allows you to use SmartPay on a variety of laptops (Windows or Mac), tablets, and mobile devices. You have direct access before, during, and after your event via web browser* with no software installation needed.

Please click on links below to jump to sections:

      Log into SmartPay Anywhere
      Register guests on SmartPay Anywhere
            Look up guest
            Verify/Collect profile information
            Obtain credit card for Express Checkout
            Log guest into BidPal
      Monitor registration progress

*Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are supported. Internet Explorer users will need to upgrade to Edge.

SmartPay Registration Video for Volunteer training


Open a web browser, navigate to your event's Go page (e.g., and click on SmartPay Anywhere icon, OR launch the iOS App if you are using audio jack card swipers.

If prompted, enter your Friendly URL (e.g. and 4-digit Event PIN to log in.


Look up guest.

Say to the guest, "Welcome! May I please have your name?"

Tip! You only need to enter the first few characters of the guest's first or last name. You can also search by bidder #, company name, table #, or table name.

If multiple matches are found, click the correct guest's record. If the guest's name is not found, try unchecking the "Only Show Attendees" checkbox to search all supporters.

If the guest's name is still not found, see if they are attending as a guest of another supporter or sponsor; if so, try searching for the ticket purchaser's name (i.e. if they are using a ticket purchased by Coca Cola, search "Coca Cola" and see if there are any "Guest of Coca Cola" supporters).

If the guest is still not found, click Create New Bidder.


Verify/Collect profile information & check in guest.

Open the guest's Profile Details.

The numbered green circles (#1-5) will guide you through the most common registration flow. Verify or populate the guests':

    • First & last name
    • Mobile phone # (or click "Guest elects not to provide" checkbox to skip)
    • Email address (optional)

If needed, verify the guest's ticket # and ticket package. Click "View Ticket Details" for more information, such as purchase date and ticket option selection(s) or special requests. 

Click the "Checked In" checkbox to indicate the guest has arrived. If multiple supporters are sharing this Bidder #, you'll be prompted to select which guests are checking in.

Notify the guest of his/her assigned bidder # (found in the header), table #, and table name.

Tip! Click on each name tab to view or edit the contact info for each guest sharing the bidder #. Click the +Add Supporter button to link another supporter to this bidder #. If needed, click to expand the Actions menu and then choose Remove Supporter to unlink a supporter.


Verify or obtain new credit card for Express Checkout.

"All I need now is a credit card for Express Checkout"

Click Add Card and quickly swipe guest’s credit card. If the guest has a balance due at the end of the event, it will be charged to this card.

Tip! In order to swipe credit cards on iOS phones or tablets, you must have installed BidPal's iOS SmartPay Anywhere app and have an audio jack credit card swiper connected - check out swiper install instructions here. Android swiping is not yet supported.

If the guest already has a credit card on file, let him/her know which card is registered for Express Checkout. If the guest wants to use a different credit card, swipe the new card or click Make Express to choose an existing card on file.

Tip! Click to expand the Actions menu and click Add Misc Charge to enter a miscellaneous charge that will be added to the attendee’s bill (ex.purchasing a ticket at the door).


Text One-Click Login to guest's phone

"You'll receive a text in a moment with a link. Simply click the link and you'll be able to participate in tonight's activities!"



"You’re all set. If you have any questions, please see a designated volunteer. Good luck!"


You can check how many guests have arrived by navigating to Menu > Stats. Compare the number of guests checked in to the total number of supporters designated as attendees.

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