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Some guests may not want to publicly donate money but would prefer to give an anonymous donation. Instead of having their names show up on scoreboards, donors can give money on BidPal and opt to have it appear as "Thank you, Anonymous!" Please note that BidPal reports will still display the donors' actual names.


Each donation appeal or campaign should be entered as a separate donation package in Planner.

Go to Packages > Manage Packages and click Add.

Select Donation as the Auction Mode.

Enter package information, including package #, name, and description. Upload a photo, if desired. Enter the Start Amount if some donations have already been collected or leave as $0. Decide if you would like to show the Donation Goal and specify the amount.

Check the box next to Allow Anonymous Donations if you want guests to be able to donate money and not have their names appear on scoreboards.

Enter your custom buttons/giving levels (ex. $10,000, $5,000, $2,500, etc.). Check the Other Allowed checkbox if you want guests to be able to donate any amount.

Click Save. Repeat for each Donation package.


On mobile bidding devices, donors can check the "Give anonymously?" checkbox when they confirm their donation amount.


On scoreboards, the anonymous donations are added to the total donated amount. Instead of thanking the donor by name, the scoreboard slide displays, "Thank you, Anonymous!" 


Can donors give anonymously via kiosk?
Yes! The option to give anonymously appears on the screen where donors confirm their donation amount.

Can donors give anonymously via Giving Center?
No. Donating anonymously is an onsite event feature where people are donating via the mobile auction or kiosks.

Can the donate anonymously option be turned on for some donation packages and off for others? 
Absolutely. Simply check the Allow Anonymous Donations checkbox on the Package Edit screen of packages where you want guests to be able to give anonymously. Uncheck the checkbox on other packages you don’t.

How can I tell who donated anonymously?
You will be able to review which guests donated anonymously via the Donation Proceeds and Excel Export - Donations reports.

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