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Emailed receipts are automatically sent to supporters for Giving Center activity, such as buying tickets, donating money, or winning silent auction items. Guests also have the ability to email themselves a receipt from the My Bill screen when the silent auction ends. After your event or campaign, you may want to send or re-send email receipts in bulk. Simply customize your message, select and confirm recipients, and send!


Navigate to Setup > Messages > Email Receipt tab.

Enter your custom message in text box. You may want to thank guests for their support or let them know about the success of your event or campaign. You can also include instructions on how to pick up remaining items or send payment if a balance is due. Please note that HTML formatting is not currently supported.

Click Save to update the custom message for later use or Send Now to email receipts immediately.

Choose your recipients. You may opt to send email receipts to:

    • All supporters with purchases or payments who are marked as Attendees
    • Any supporters with purchases or payments who are marked as Attendees and match whichever criteria you've selected from the following list:
      • Are assigned a ticket
      • Are checked in
      • Have an outstanding balance
    • Only supporters with purchases or payments that you individually select

NOTE: Recipients must have an email address on file and have made purchases or payments to receive an email receipt. If selecting a filter, recipients must match ALL selected filters. You will be able to review which supporters currently match your recipient criteria before sending.

Review your current message and the list of recipients who will and will not receive email receipts. Click Confirm to send now. 

Tip! You may also email receipts from individual supporter records using the Email Receipt button on Supporter Edit > Purchases & Payments tab.




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