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With BidPal's new bidding platform, the menu is yours to customize. You can easily turn on or off relevant features, create custom HTML pages, add links to external websites, and rename and reorganize your navigation menu.



The menu is accessible via the fixed navigation panel on the left side of the screen on laptops and tablets or the Menu button on mobile phones.





Navigate to Setup > Fundraiser > Menu/Features to fully customize your site's navigation. You can rename menu navigation links, enable or disable pages, reorder menu items, and add additional custom HTML pages or links to other webpages (within your fundraiser website or external webpages). 

The following are standard feature/page options you can include in your menu:

Home page Welcome

Main fundraiser site page accessed via the friendly URL

NOTE: The Welcome page cannot be disabled. Its content can be updated via the Custom Pages tab.

Home page Mobile Auction Home

Main fundraiser page accessed via One-Click Login link; provides a quick navigation panel for mobile users.

NOTE: The Mobile Auction Home page cannot be disabled. Its contents can be updated via the Mobile Interface tab.

Additional page Donate Money

Links to a list of all active donation packages

Additional page Purchase Tickets 

Links to a list of all active ticket packages available for purchase

Additional page Browse Items

Auction catalog; includes a sub-menu of:

  • items with no bids
  • all active silent auction categories
  • live auction packages
  • fixed price packages
Additional page About Us

Custom page to detail more information about your Organization

NOTE: Its contents can be updated via the Custom Pages tab.

To update an existing page, link, or feature, click the edit link in the Actions column. To add a new custom page or link, click the Add button above the Additional Pages grid. You can edit the following fields:


Enables the page or link to be displayed on the navigation panel/mobile menu. If unchecked, the page or feature is not accessible. For example, if your fundraiser doesn't include ticket sales, you'll want the Purchase Tickets page to be disabled.

NOTE: The two home pages (Welcome, Mobile Auction Home) cannot be disabled. Every fundraiser must have links to these two pages.

Page Internal name of the page or feature. This cannot be changed.
Display Name

External name of the page or feature. This is what displays on the navigation panel/mobile menu and can be changed. For example, you could rename Donate Money to "Support Us" or "Fund a Need".


Page or Link. If you want to create an additional custom HTML page to add to your menu, select Page. If you want to add a link to an existing webpage, select Link.


URL of webpage you want to include in your menu. It can be a link to an existing webpage on your Fundraiser website (such as a featured category or item), or an external website (such as a sponsor's website or a page on your Organization's website).


Click edit to update the following for any page:

  • Enable/disable the page
  • Edit display name
  • Change type (page/link)
  • Edit Link URL

Click done to save changes.

Navigate to Setup > Fundraiser > Custom Pages to update the contents of new or existing pages. Check out this article for more information on setting up custom pages.

To reorder your menu, simply click a page or link in the Additional Pages section, drag it to the desired position on the list, and drop!

Be sure to preview your Fundraiser's menu by opening a browser and navigating to your friendly URL (ex. on any device.

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