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OneCause offers a fully customizable Giving Center, your comprehensive, mobile-friendly fundraising site where supporters can register for your event, purchase tickets, bid on silent auction packages, donate money, and more! This article will detail the various configuration options available to you under Setup > Giving Center in Planner.

Before you get started, please be aware that you'll need to set up your friendly URL and enter your payment processor credentials before advertising your Giving Center. The friendly URL is the custom link your supporters will use to access your site, while payment processor credentials are needed to ensure credit card payments can be collected. 

Please click on links below to jump to sections:

      Connection Requirements
      General Settings
            Display Settings & Banner
            Registration Settings & Requirements
            Checkout Settings
            Guest Interface Settings                    
            Preview / Publish Giving Center       
            Payment Settings
            Giving Center Email Notification Messages             
            How it looks
            How to set up
      Custom Pages
            How it looks
            How to set up
      Mobile Interface
            How it looks
            How to set up
      Other Configuration
            Social Sharing
            Ticker Messages
            Countdown Clock
            Sponsor Logos


Your Giving Center is a responsive, web-based fundraising site that can be run in a browser on Windows or Mac laptops, tablets, or mobile phones via web browser.

Supported OS: iOS versions 9 and up, Android, Windows

Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari

NOTE: The use of unsupported browsers such as Internet Explorer may introduce service or functionality issues and is therefore highly discouraged.


Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > General Settings. The following configuration options are available:



Customize the look of your Giving Center to match the colors and theme of your event.

Primary Color  The color of the top navigation bar, navigation buttons, donation thermometer fill, and some text.
Sponsor Section Text

The text that displays above the rotating sponsor logos can be customized and supports up to 20 characters. For example, you may enter "Featured Sponsors" or "Thank you, Sponsors!"

For more about sponsor logos, read here!

Banner Image 

Image that displays at the top of the site.

Tip! To avoid white space on either side of your banner image, its aspect ratio must be 512:75. For optimal clarity on devices with high density screens, we recommend banner images that are 3072 x 450 pixels.



All new registrations require a First/Last Name and an Email Address. You may also choose whether or not self-registration is allowed and what other supporter information should be required.

Allow Self-Registration

This setting is enabled by default. Unchecking this checkbox will prevent supporters from signing in to place bids, make donations, or purchase items/tickets unless they either:

  • Sign in using an email that matches to a supporter on your Supporter List in Planner, OR
  • Have a One-Click Login text to access the site

If this setting is disabled, supporters who attempt to sign in with an email that does not match an existing supporter will see a pop up message, which can be customized by editing the "Closed Registration Message" field.

NOTE: Please carefully review your Supporter List and ensure ticket sales are finalized before disabling self-registration. Remember that anyone you want to be able to access the Giving Center will either need to have a One-Click Login link OR sign in with an email that exactly matches an existing supporter record in Planner.


Click the desired checkbox(es) below to require the following information during registration:

  • Mobile Phone #

Tip! The Mobile Phone # requirement is strongly recommended for events using mobile bidding, as it allows sending of One-Click Login texts to quickly get your attendees logged in and bidding in the mobile auction. 

  • Address
  • Company
  • Email

NOTE: Supporters who register for your event must enter a username and password; the email entered as the username is stored to the supporter record in Planner, so encourage your guests to sign up in advance of your event to make their on-site registration a breeze! This requirement is useful if you have added/imported a list of supporters without emails; those users will be prompted to enter their email when they access their One-Click Login texts to access the event. 

  • Credit Card (option to require for All Bidders or Non-Attendees only)

NOTE: If you're using OneCause for payment processing, all users are automatically prompted to optionally enter a credit card after their initial sign in. If the credit card requirement is enabled, users may still register and browse the site without adding a credit card, but will be required to enter one before they can place a bid, make a donation, or purchase tickets or items.



Use the "Checkout Directions" field to enter a custom message explaining where checkout and item pickup areas are along with any special instructions. This message will appear on each supporter's Receipt tab.


Click "Show table name to guests" or "Show table number to guests" to determine whether seated guests should see their Table Name and/or Table # on devices. The selected table info will be shown to users in the header of mobile screens and in the account section for any screen size.


Your Giving Center will not be accessible to end users until it is published. When you are ready to make your site public, click the "Publish Giving Center" checkbox and then save.
You can see what your Giving Center will look like at any time before publishing by clicking the "Preview Your Giving Center" callout in Planner. Your fundraiser will open in a new window. We recommend that you review your site on a variety of devices (laptops, tablets, and phones) to ensure the site appears how you want!

Tip! Resize and refresh the preview window to view the Mobile Auction Home screen that guests will see on their mobile devices when accessing your site from a One-Click Login text message. Any logins or activity done via the preview will count as real activity, so please remember to rescind/refund any test bids, donations, and purchases!



The "Require Payment upon Purchase" checkbox is selected by default. This setting ensures that sales (including donations, fixed price, or Buy Now purchases) cannot be completed until an approved credit card payment has been received. 
Disable this setting on event night so that your guests can complete transactions and pay later at checkout. For more details on setting up payments, recommended configuration, and guest experience FAQs, check out our Payment Settings article.


Under the "Giving Center Messages" section, click "Add an Email Address" to designate who from your organization will receive email notifications. Next, click the corresponding checkboxes under "Send email notifications for the following activity" to indicate which of the following notification emails should be received:

  • Ticket Purchases
  • Online Donations
  • Silent Auction Buy Now Purchases
  • Fixed Price Purchases
  • Contact Us Messages / General Inquiries
    • When checked, supporters visiting your Giving Center will see a "Contact Us" link in the footer, as well as a "Questions about this item" link on the Item Details panel when a particular item is selected. These links will open a pop up allowing the supporter to send an email message to your designated contact(s).



Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > Menu/Features to fully customize your site's navigation, accessible via the fixed left panel on laptops and tablets or the Menu button on mobile phones.






Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > Menu/Features to fully customize your fundraiser's navigation. You can rename menu navigation links, enable or disable pages, reorder menu items, and add additional custom HTML pages or links to other webpages (within your fundraiser website or external webpages). 


The following are standard feature/page options you can include in your menu:

Home page Welcome

Main Giving Center page accessed via the friendly URL

NOTE: The Welcome page cannot be disabled. Its content can be updated via the Custom Pages tab.

Home page Mobile Auction Home

Main Giving Center page accessed via One-Click Login text that provides a quick navigation panel for mobile users.

NOTE: The Mobile Auction Home page cannot be disabled. Its contents can be updated via the Mobile Interface tab.

Additional page Purchase Tickets 

Links to a list of all active ticket packages available for purchase

Additional page

Donate Money

Links to a list of all active donation packages

Additional Page Featured Items

Links to a list of all packages with "Feature in Fundraiser" enabled under Package Edit > Visibility; note that Featured Items will be included as a "Browse Items" sub-menu regardless of whether you display the page

Additional page Browse Items

Auction catalog, which automatically includes a sub-menu of:

  • All items
  • Featured items
  • Items with no bids
  • All active silent auction categories
  • Live auction packages
  • Fixed price packages
Additional page About Us

Custom page to detail more information about your Organization

NOTE: Its contents can be updated via the Custom Pages tab.


To update an existing page or link, click the "edit" link in the Actions column. To add a new custom page or link, click the Add button above the Additional Pages grid. You can edit/view the following fields:


Enables the page or link to be displayed on the navigation panel/mobile menu. If unchecked, the page or feature is not accessible. 

NOTE: The two home pages (Welcome, Mobile Auction Home) cannot be disabled. Every Giving Center must have links to these two pages. See more in the Home Pages section below.

Page Internal name of the page or feature. It cannot be changed.
Display Name

External name of the page or feature. This is what displays on the navigation panel/mobile menu and can be changed.


Page or Link. If you want to create an additional custom HTML page to add to your menu, select Page. If you want to add a link to an existing webpage, select Link.


URL of webpage you want to include in your menu. It can be a link to an existing webpage on your Giving Center, such as a featured category or item, or an external website, such as a sponsor's website or a page on your Organization's website.


Click edit to update the following for any page:

  • Enable/disable the page
  • Edit display name
  • Change type (page/link)
  • Edit Link URL

Click done to save changes.


Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > Custom Pages to update the contents of new or existing pages. Check out the section below for more information on setting up custom pages.


To reorder your menu, simply click a page or link in the Additional Pages section, drag it to the desired position on the list, and drop!


With custom pages, you can edit the contents of the Welcome page, About Us page, and any other additional pages you want to include in your navigation panel and mobile menu. The custom content will appear in the main panel of your Giving Center:

Buddy_-_Welcome_Custom_HTML.png . Buddy_-_Mobile_Welcome.png


Welcome page: Customize the main panel of your Giving Center homepage. The sky is the limit here, so get creative – highlight ticket packages, event sponsors, a letter from your board chairman, photos from last year’s event, etc. 

About Us page: Customize this page to allow supporters to read more about your cause. Use the provided HTML toolbar to style your content, add images or videos, or add helpful links for supporters to promote your organization's mission or cause.


Use custom pages to bring additional content to your guests, including:

  • Featured Sponsors - highlight your various sponsor tiers with logos sized to reflect donation level.
  • Mission Information - include videos, photos, and stories of those you help.
  • Board & Volunteer Recognition - thank your board and volunteers for their hard work with a well-deserved shout out.
  • Terms of Use - explain any event-specific rules/regulations around raffles, remote bidding processes, etc.
  • Directions & Parking - embed a map to your event venue and provide instructions for parking. 



If you're looking to add a new custom page to your menu and haven't already done so, first navigate to Setup > Giving Center > Menu/Features and click the Add button. Check out Menu/Features: How to set up for more configuration details.


Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > Custom Pages and find the editor corresponding to the page you want to edit. Use the provided What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) HTML Editor to style your content, add images or videos, or add helpful links.

Tip! In order to make your custom content look great on all devices (laptops, tablets, and phones), images are automatically configured to be responsive. If desired, image dimensions can be set to specific percentages via HTML coding by clicking the < > icon. Check out our WYSIWYG guide and HTML tips for more information on working with the WYSIWYG HTML toolbar, adding images, and coding in HTML. You can also click the eye icon to see a preview of how your content will appear in your site! 


Navigate to Setup > Giving Center > Mobile Interface to edit the contents of the Mobile Auction Home screen, which is accessed by users clicking on a One-Click Login text or email link.

NOTE: Your supporters will automatically have access to their account info, including Activity (including all bids, watched items, donations, and purchases), Receipt, Profile, Credit Cards, and Tickets. This information can be seen by signed in users by either clicking the Your Activity option that appears on the Menu, or clicking the account/activity icon that is always present in the top right corner of the header.

Mobile Auction Home



 The following display properties can be configured:

1. Donation Button Text

Customize the text that appears on the donation button

NOTE: The donation button will automatically display on the Mobile Auction Home screen as long as there is an active donation package set to "Show in Fundraiser".

Fund a Need, Send a Kid to Camp, Donate Now

2. Display Browse Items Section

Check the box to display a section that includes buttons related to browsing silent, live, and fixed price packages. When this section is enabled, the Select a Category drop-down is automatically displayed, allowing mobile users to easily navigate between the following package lists in Package # order:

  • All items
  • Featured items
  • Items with no bids
  • All active silent auction categories
  • Live auction packages
  • Fixed price packages

When this section is enabled, you may also drag and drop up to four buttons from the Available Buttons section into the Active Buttons section to provide mobile users with quick access to popular lists, including:

  • Featured Category: links to a list of packages from a specified silent auction category
  • Featured Items: links to a list of any packages with "Feature in Fundraiser" enabled under Package Edit > Visibility; note that Featured Items will be included in the category drop-down regardless of whether you display the button
  • Fixed Price Items: links to a list of fixed price packages
  • Items with No Bids: links to a list of all items in your silent auction that have not had any bidding activity
  • Preview Live: links to a list of live auction packages
3. Section Text

Customize the "Browse Items" text that appears above the auction buttons

Shop Items, Auction Catalog
4. Fixed Price Button Text

If the "Fixed Price Items" button is added to your Active Buttons, customize the text that appears on that button. 

NOTE: You can enter up to 8 characters of text on each of 3 lines.

Raffle Tickets, Wine Pull, Sign Up Parties
5. Featured Category

If the "Featured Category" button is added to your Active Buttons, select the category you want to highlight from the drop-down.

6. Featured Category Button Text

If the "Featured Category" button is added to your Active Buttons, customize the text that appears on that button.

NOTE: You can enter up to 8 characters of text on each of 3 lines.

7. Featured Items Button Text

If the "Featured Items" button is added to your Active Buttons, customize the text that appears on that button.

Super Silent Auction, Premiere Items, Kid's Artwork


NOTE: The Search bar can be accessed by clicking the magnifying glass in the header on mobile devices. This allows supporters to quickly find what they need by searching for by keyword or #. The search pulls up any matches based on Package #, Package Name or Description, Auction Mode, or Donor. 


You may wish to enter your organization's social accounts under Setup > Giving Center > Social in order to generate quick links in your Giving Center footer. Options include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Additionally, supporters can share with their friends and family in the following ways (no extra configuration needed!):

  • Share the Giving Center site via Facebook or Twitter
  • Share individual packages OR ticket purchases via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, or Text Message

Social Sharing - Giving CenterSocial Sharing - Item DetailsSocial Sharing - Ticket Purchase



Scrolling ticker messages display underneath the banner on your Giving Center site, whether viewed from a desktop or a mobile device. These fully customizable messages are a great way to make announcements and constantly engage supporters. Check out Set up Ticker Messages for full configuration details.



A fixed countdown clock can be displayed at the bottom of your Giving Center. To enable, navigate to Setup > Auction Control and select the "Display Countdown Clock" checkbox under the Fundraiser Countdown section.

You may customize your countdown clock by choosing a label you'd like supporters to see (default is "Auction ends in...") as well as whether you'd like to count down to your Silent Auction end time (as set on the Auction Control page) or a custom date/time of your choosing. 

Tip! If you're counting down to your silent auction end time, be sure that you've correctly set and saved the end time on Auction Control and that you're confident it won't change - you don't want to confuse guests with a changing countdown timer! We recommend enabling about 15 minutes before the auction closes.

If you're counting down to a custom date/time, get creative! The countdown clock can be used in many ways, from encouraging guests to purchase early bird tickets before they're sold out to getting in those final raffle ticket purchases before the main drawing.




Rotating sponsor logos are a great way to gain additional advertising revenue and thank your biggest sponsors and supporters. Any sponsor logos set to "Show in Fundraiser" will rotate on every page of your Giving Center; a website or custom text page can optionally be entered for added sponsor exposure when your supporters click on a logo. Check out Set up Sponsor Logos for full configuration details.

Tip! Remember, you can customize the Sponsor Section Text under Display Settings!



Each Giving Center has a footer with your organization's information:


Visit Setup > Preferences > Organization to enter or update your Organization Name, Address, or Website Address (if entered, this will be a clickable link).

To enter or update your phone number, visit Setup > Preferences > Key Contacts and fill out the Office Phone field.

To enter or update your social accounts (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram), visit Setup > Giving Center > Social and populate the desired fields.



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