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Using BidPal Mobile Bidding to sell raffle tickets, wine pulls, merchandise, or other fixed price items is simple. As an administrator, you can use Planner (Tools > Enter Sales & Donations) to sell these items on the backend. Following the instructions below, your volunteers or staff members can also use SmartPay Anywhere to sell fixed price items on the go.

SmartPay Fixed Price Sales Video for Volunteer training


Open a web browser, navigate to your event's Go page (e.g., and click on SmartPay Anywhere icon, OR launch the iOS App if you are using audio jack card swipers.

If prompted, enter your Friendly URL (e.g. and 4-digit Event PIN to log in.

Search for the guest's name or bidder #.

Tip! If the guest is not in the system, click Create New Bidder to add them.

On laptops and tablets, select Sell Fixed Price from the Actions menu. A Sell Fixed Price button is also available on the guest's Purchases & Payments tab.


On mobile phones, click to expand the 3 vertical dots actions menu in the upper right-hand corner and then select Sell Fixed Price.

Search or select the fixed price package the guest is purchasing and click Continue.

NOTE: If a fixed price package is sold out, it will be greyed out and disabled for selection in the list. If this is incorrect, access Planner to increase the quantity available or use Enter Sales & Donations to complete the sale.

Tip! If you want your SmartPay volunteers to be able to sell a fixed price package that your guests should not be able to directly purchase via the mobile auction, simply go to Package Edit > Visibility tab for the package and set the Override End Time in the past. The package may appear in guest’s search results as expired, but it will be excluded from any list views and guests will be unable to purchase directly.

Select or enter the quantity the guest is purchasing. If you enter a custom quantity, the amount will automatically be calculated. Click Save Purchase.


The purchase is added to the guest's bill. You can then either enter payment or close the guest's record and repeat for the next purchaser.

Tip! If the fixed price item is a physical item the guest is collecting at the point of sale, consider marking the item as picked up right from SmartPay Anywhere to avoid confusion at checkout!

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