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First American Payments FAQs


OneCause will move to iATS parent company, First American Payments (FAPS) – an industry leader in payment processing.

To support this upgrade, all OneCause customers will migrate to the new FAPS payments platform by end of 2018. 

What is changing?  As part of the upgrade, OneCause DIY and Pro customers will need to update Smartpay Anywhere on their iOS device and in some cases will need to obtain new credit card swipers.  For Full-Service customers, the only change is the migration of merchant accounts from iATS to FAPS.  For all customers, USB swipers will be retired and clients need to obtain Audio Jack card swipers for iPads.  Please read the sections below for more information.

Note: Existing iATS customers will not need to enter credentials in FAPS as part of this migration.  The credentials will be automatically updated by FAPS and OneCause engineers.

For general questions about your FAPS account or contract, please contact First American at 


  Phone: 844-876-4065

  Hours: Monday through Friday, 9AM - 6PM EST


What is First American Payments (FAPS)?

An industry leader and global solutions provider in merchant account services, First American Payment Systems is ranked as a top privately-owned merchant service provider in the United States.

Why First American Payments (FAPS) instead of iATS?

First American Payments (FAPS) provides a modern platform with improved PCI Compliance. This includes:

  • New features and improved payment processing functionality.
  • Improved reporting for daily, monthly and individual transactions.


How will I receive my 1stPayGateway login information?

Once your merchant account has been approved or migrated (existing iATS customers), First American Payments will send you a welcome letter via e-mail with the following information:

  • Transaction Center ID
  • Processor ID
  • Merchant Key

How Will I Enter my First American Payment Credentials into the OneCause system?

The credentials will still be entered by going to Payments>Setup Payments in your Planner site!  Although your credentials are sent to you in Uppercase, please enter your credentials in your Planner site in all lowercase.  As part of the migration, your credentials will be automatically updated in Planner.  There is no need to change them now.

Note: Existing iATS customers will not need to enter credentials in FAPS as part of this migration.  The credentials will be automatically updated by FAPS and OneCause engineers.

Where will I log in to FirstView™?

You can view your merchant statement online at FirstView™ is a secure, fast and convenient way to access your processing data online. To create your login, enter your Visa/MasterCard Merchant Number and Web Password, found on the welcome letter from FAPS, as your temporary username & password.

What will be available in FirstView™ reporting?

  • Authorization Detail
  • Captured Batch Summary
  • Captured Batch Detail
  • Daily Deposit Detail
  • Card Number History
  • Chargeback Detail
  • Retrieval Request Detail

How will I see historical data/reporting from iATS?

You will not lose access to reporting from iATS at You will log in with your iATS Client Code and password to generate reporting for transactions prior to the migration to FAPS.

What is the Deposit Schedule?

All funds will be deposited within 24-48 hours following the transaction approval. This will be a GROSS deposit and all fees will be debited at the end of the month.


As a part of the migration to FAPS, OneCause will start to provide new FAPS encrypted credit card swipers for new clients.  Existing clients who purchased credit card swipers prior to June 1, 2018, will need to upgrade.  OneCause will contact clients to discuss upgrade options, and in the meantime, clients with an upcoming fundraiser can contact OneCause support at

Will I be able to use my existing USB credit card swipers with SmartPay Anywhere?

USB swipers are being retired and will no longer function. Clients need to obtain replacement audio jack swipers, which work exclusively with Apple iPads or iPhone. For questions on replacing your USB swipers, please contact

Will I be able to use my existing audio-jack credit card swipers with SmartPay Anywhere?

Existing audio jack swipers will continue to work for a limited time.  Clients have the option to upgrade to new encrypted swipers for additional security and will be contacted in June-July by a OneCause representative.

Why can the audio-jack swipers only be used with the SmartPay Anywhere iOS application?

The application provides a stable and mobile platform for registration and checkout. iOS is highly secure and widely available.

What are the benefits of iPads for registration and checkout?

There are three primary benefits of using an iPad instead of a laptop for credit card payments at registration and checkout

1. Security and PCI Compliance - Windows is much more difficult to maintain security levels compare to iPad and we have had this backed up by our PCI auditor.

2. Flexibility and mobility for the org, given they can easily handle increases in registration volume.  

3. Cost of setup and maintenance - Clients can set up iPads on their own vs paying the venue to run cable, power etc.    OneCause has a more efficient data collection process which does not require a keyboard for typing large amounts of data, thus, eliminating much of the need for a keyboard at reg.

Do you have a credit card swiper recycling program?

Yes! You can ship your credit card swipers to our warehouse at the address below. 

Attn: OneCause

4018 South High School Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46241


Will I still access the SmartPay Anywhere software the same way?

Yes, will still use SmartPay Anywhere in the same way, but an update is needed for DIY and Pro customers.  You will need to download a new version of SPA from iTunes.  If you were using credit card swipers, you will need to obtain the new card swiper as noted above.

What if I was using SmartPay on a laptop with USB swipers? If you were previously accessing SmartPay Anywhere on a computer using USB swipers, you need to replace those with Audio Jack Swipers and will now need to download the iOS application on your iPad or iPhone instead! This resource will guide you through the process.

If you are not using credit card swipers, you can still access SmartPay Anywhere via your Go Page. This resource will guide you through the process.




     Phone: 844-876-4065

     Hours: Monday through Friday, 9AM - 6PM EST


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